Estefanía Valls Urquijo



Each one weaves its own nests with the threads of its own life.

Threads with which we knit our nests in a transparent way
allowing to see through what we have done,

what we wanted, and said.


A material record with personal form

as an uncertain but sustaining armor.


A continuous suspense, endless,
that makes you think about false eternities,

because we only have now.

Networks of diffuse and condescending, present and false beings.

There are threads strong and eternal.


There are threads that bind us from far away,

that hold us gropingly or break us to stones.

There are threads that become chains and nests that become caves.

But there are threads of light and certainty that give us peace

that hold us strong.

There are softer threads than happiness and stronger than absence.


Without these threads, my God,

who would dare to make a nest?


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