Estefanía Valls Urquijo



How ideas become symbols and symbols - ideas.


My interest: the symbolism in the the world cultures, their ideas and elements that represent their identity.


My technique: I always use ceramic because I need to work with my hands, in an exercise of feeling without thinking. Ceramic has its own life, clay and glaze react at will and speak in my work, almost deciding...


Ceramic’s fragility and complications challenges me continuously.


In history, ceramic has been the most accurate tool in the study of civilizations, it is eternal and universal, a dictionary of symbols.


I work in ceramic together with other materials - metal, wood, glass. I tie everything; tying as joining pieces respecting their own individuality, tying to unite, and staying one when released.


I have always been fascinated with the old way of signing by the means of sealing, using symbols instead of signatures, so I sign my works with a stamp, a symbol that becomes part of the peace itself.




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